Retreats, Workshops & Private Sessions

I am available to facilitate your next workshop or retreat.
My work is experiential; it focuses mainly on connection, embodiment, recovering resilience and remembering who you are.


Retreat Offerings Include:

The Art of Healing Discover and recover resilience, find freedom, integration and empowerment through the power of creative expression in the safe container of love and acceptance. The Art of Healing – where interpersonal neurobiology meets creativity.

Conscious Connection This retreat creatively uses the power of presence and the five senses to satisfy your primordial need for connection. Explore and embody a felt-sense of connection, repair attachment mis-attunements and truly show up in your life. A couple’s version is also available.

Restorative Retreat Two-day retreat honing in on self-care, creativity and relaxation to recharge your batteries and give you back your sparkle.

Who Do You Think You Are? This experiential weekend retreat uses a range of creative activities to get to know yourself better and to connect to your heart’s desire.


Some Workshop Offerings:

Stress Management Made Simple A workshop designed to share stress management strategies that are easily incorporated in everyday life.

Movement as Medicine Move and be moved. Invite, allow and trust your dance to enable greater integration of your life’s experiences in an organic way.

The Art of Touch This hands-on workshop teaches you the Art of touch to enhance connection, reduce stress and induce a sense of relaxation and peace. Workshop options: Baby Massage or Couples Massage.